About Ian…

So, I’ve been working in transport for 30 years now and what I didn’t like about is I’ve always working long hours and most times, away from my family, I missed the time of being a husband and a dad, I was always tired, every weekend, so lethargic, couldn’t be bothered being active with my 2 boys and worst of all…

I’m not going to be able to retire until I’m 70. because what I’m doing, financially, wasn’t working. I’m not getting to retirement. We’re not having fun because this whole concept is wrong, right?  Maybe, when I retire, maybe my medical is going to be great but I’m only going to be making a $1000 a month in superannuation.


So, Johanna and I, we put off living because by the time we paid for the house, kindergarten, kids’ education, new car, utility bills and there was always too much month left after all the money was gone and most times, we were living on the credit cards.

So, we don’t have time or the money to have fun and live now. We put off living for the golden years. But, guess what? I figured out the golden years are not even going to be bronzed. They’re going to be tarnished, they’re going to be dirt! Why? We’re not going to have any money, and, you know, odds are we’re going to be almost dead.

So, a member of our family told me about these products and opportunity and I’ve always been concerned about the products we use on a daily basis. So, I tried these products and quickly discovered the immense value.  No other product ever has ever worked this way. So, the reason I listened and paid attention to this opportunity is, what I was doing wasn’t working financially. I met some people in this company that are crushing it and they’ve only been in of a year or two and are making an extra $2000 or $4000 a month.

These people are real, company is real, the money is real and these people are not waiting till they’re 70 years old to travel the world, and I wanted some of that. I looked at him and, they’re not smarter than I am, so that’s why I got started, because I am an ambassador for this whole product line and this opportunity and I’m going for the promised land.